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At Halos for Paws, we offer a unique product to help blind dogs live comfortably. We make a quality product for blind dogs called a halo vest. This halo vest helps blind dogs navigate their way around, while not injuring themselves by bumping into objects they can’t see. 

Our blind dog assistance product consists of a light weight vest that the animal wears around its neck and front legs. The soft vest then wraps around the dog’s back and is secured with a Velcro strap. Securing the wrap with a Velcro strap makes it possible to adjust the size of the vest to comfortably fit around any size of dog. The halo itself consists of aluminum wire and plastic tubing. The aluminum wire and plastic tubing stabilize the halo making it sturdy. The halo is then sewn inside the neck of the vest. When the vest is put on the dog, the halo goes around the face, acting as a bumper guard should the dog run into something. 

At Halos for Paws, we understand the importance of making sure blind dogs are as comfortable as possible, and that’s why we have developed a dog head protection product that dogs love. In fact, I personally have a blind Scottish terrier, and whenever I put his Halo Vest on him, he is comfortable and calm.

Blind Dog Collar Halo Vest

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Should your vest require post-order alterations, there will be a minimum charge of $15.

Because each Halo Vest is custom made, there are no refunds given. Any exceptions given due to extenuating circumstances are at the sole discretion of Halos for Paws.
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