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€‹The idea for Halos for Paws came to me from a special experience I had rescuing a blind Scottish terrier. I found him abandoned in a Wal-Mart parking lot, and took him home to care for him. Not being familiar with blind dogs, I went online to learn how to care for handicapped dogs. I found several sites that showed me how to make a blind dog collar. After completing my research, I came up with an idea of my own, and decided to call my friend to share my experience with her. Ellen too, had a blind dog of her own, which passed away from bumping her head too many times. After running my idea by her, we worked together to come up with the perfect dog cone alternative. 


We initially didn't have any plans to start a business, until we showed the vest to our Vet Ophthalmologist. She went crazy for the blind dog vests and said these vests are highly in demand for blind dogs and I should start a business selling these vests. I thought about it, and the rest is history. Now we are successfully selling Halo Vests to keep blind animals from experiencing pain and suffering.

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"I have been getting a lot more exercise as the Halo Vest makes it easier to navaigate my yard and home. Also, I am a lot calmer now than before I had my Halo Vest. I was afraid to walk around because I kept hiting my head and hurting myself. I would get very frustrated and would cry. Now I am Happy!" Signed, Scotty Boy

I just want to drop you a note to let you know Bisty is doing great in her vest. I have put her out in the backyard wearing the blind dog vest and she is walking all over the place. She bumps into things, but she trusts the vest to just change directions and keep on going. She will walk around the yard for hours!!

Thank you,

- Ken, Providence, RI

Blind Dog Collar Halo Vest

To get prepared for your order you can simply follow our guide below on how to measure your dog. 

When you have this done click on BEGIN ORDER and you will be taken to our storefront to purchase. You will see the sizes along with the Chest Measurement on the left hand side in the Category box

All Halo Vests are CUSTOM-MADE to fit your pet, so it will generally take 7-10 days to ship domestically.
Should your vest require post-order alterations, there will be a minimum charge of $15.

Because each Halo Vest is custom made, there are no refunds given. Any exceptions given due to extenuating circumstances are at the sole discretion of Halos for Paws.
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