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​This is a photo of Bubba in his halo, which was his Christmas present. Bubba was rescued by Christina S. from the PSPCA in Philadelphia. Bubba is a senior dog who had a head injury earlier in life and who also had glaucoma. He only recently became fully blind. His halo is especially helpful when he is outside, because it helps him avoid bumping his head on trees or hard objects.
Fostered MinPin Claudine tries her vest on for the first time. Also, with her fostered Mom Tammy.

Scotty Boy Zack, Halos new Mascot, wearing his new Halo Vest. We recently rescued him from a puppy mill in Indiana with the help of St. Louis Scottie Rescue. He has PRA, and he now is a happy boy!

Dusty in his Halo Vest.He uses it every day. Before his halo his eyes were blood filled from trauma of walking into things. This halo has been a blessing for him!!  No more nasty bumps.
Just wanted to let you know we received Roxy's collar yesterday. It fits perfectly. I really am at a loss of words. Your kindness and support means more to me than you could ever imagine. Such hard days over here. 
This is my foster dog, Herbert Magoo. I foster Boston Terriers through Boston Terrier Rescue East TN - Kentucky Division, who turns no Bostons away, regardless of illness or demeanor. 
Herbert is estimated to be about 10 years old, and is completely blind and 95% deaf.He is awesome! If he doesn't get adopted, I'm fine with him staying safe here with me for the rest of his life. 
Thanks for having a fantastic page! I love seeing all the other pictures and reading all of the other stories by animal lovers!
(The halo around his head is to protect him from bumping into things when he's walking around, and works fantastic. I only tell you this because a lot of people ask. We received it from Halos for Paws if anyone is interested!)


Scotty Boy Zack
Herbert Magoo

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